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The village of Travers is right on the transit line from Bern - Neuchatel - Pontarlier - Dijon to Paris. It is situated in a Jura valley (the Val-de-Travers) between the French border and the lake of Neuchatel.
Can be easily reached by car or by train.
  By car :

from Neuchatel - Rochefort : through the "Clusette tunnel" (altitude
   850 meters)

from France : from Pontarlier - Les Verrieres (altitude 930 meters) -
   Fleurier - Couvet

from Yverdon : over Ste-Croix and the "Etroits" Pass
   (altitude 1150 meters) - Buttes
 As you arrive in Travers, turn north in the middle of the village
 and follow the brown signs indicating "Villa Moncalme".

By train :

- to Neuchatel by direct train starting from most main Swiss cities and both the airports of Geneva and Zurich
- travel duration : Geneva Airport - Neuchatel : about 80 minutes
Zurich Airport - Neuchatel : about 2 hours
- from Neuchatel to Travers, with regional trains (direction Fleurier - Buttes) in less than 30 minutes (at least a train every hour from 6 am
till 11 pm). More  click  here

- TGV (High Speed Train) / RegioExpress  Paris (Lyon Station) - Travers
in less than 4 hours with change in Frasne - 3 connections every day.
(one connection in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening)
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- From train station Travers to Villa Moncalme, about 10 minutes on foot

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