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  For your next stay in the Swiss Jura, think about the Val-de-Travers, land of contrasts and legends, where the "green fairy" still clouds the minds !

Located between the French border (the town of Pontarlier) and the lake of Neuchatel, the Val-de-Travers is full of natural curriosities and astounding landscapes, made of fiery mountain streams, secret caves, narrow gorges, peaceful rivers and superb forests.

Nature-lovers and walkers will be quickly seduced by the striking beauties of the landscape, a combination of forests, water, and mountains, as well as by the opulence of wild life and flora.

Thanks to ’The Fairy Land Trip’ you can roam the many beauty spots in a unique musical atmosphere which combines  the subtle tunes whispered to your ears by  the local fairies.

The most famous is the Green Fairy, after which the long-prohibited spirit absinthe is named.

The absinthe is the emblem of the valley. You can learn more about it , its past and future in the
local museum at Môtiers , at the asinthe drying facility at Boveresse or on Absinthe Day at Boveresse on the third Saturday of June every year.

Natural curiosities, astounding landscapes and  activities in the summer :

  In summer, a network of cycle tracks and quiet roads enables you to cycle easily and in safety through the whole area. Mountain-bikers are able to use specially marked trails and devote themselves to their favourite sport.

You can rent a bike from the railway station at Fleurier and Noiraigue and cycle down the valley and hand your bike back at Neuchâtel station.
As for walkers, they can visit the whole region thanks to the numerous pedestrian and hiking trails which cross the Val-de-Travers and the surrounding mountains.
The Creux-du-Van   above  Noiraigue  

- altitude 1465 m./4800 ft. 

- a steep, dramatic-looking curving cliff  (rock half-circle of about
  300 meters in height.

- nature reserve with chamois, bouquetins (large mountain-goats),
  marmots, lynx, etc.

- The Creux-du-Van on Youtube 

One of the principal beauty spots is without any doubts the   the Areuse canyon

which separates  the Val de Travers from the area bordering Lake Neuchâtel (about 10 kilometres/6 miles). It offers breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and unspoilt nature and wildlife. 

Detrain at Noiraigue
– large car park next to the station, restaurant , etc
- proceed to Bôle thenback to Noiraigue or onward to Boudry where you
  can reach Neuchâtel by tram.
- a three-hour walk whatever the option

The Areuse Canyon on  Youtube  

A shorter option is possible. You may stop at Champ-du-Moulin and enjoy a meal at the local restaurant and go back to Noiraigue by train from the halt at Champ-du-Moulin.

Champ-du-Moulin :  wildlife chalet ‘’La Morille’’ – open every week end from May 15 to September 15




The lake of Taillères, near La Brevine, renowned in winter for its record cold temperatures (Switzerland's Siberia !)

The particulary varied topography allows the practice of many summer and winter sports.

Other possibilities for leisure activities in the summer : horse-riding, surfing on the lake of Tailleres, river fishing 
(Areuse truit known as Europe’s best !) , tennis, hang-gliding, climbing, etc.
  Noiraigue :

- via Ferrata du Tichodrome, above Noiraigue;  Sporty climbing trail called
  ‘Via Ferrata’ – open from August to December .

guided walks across the Creux-du-Van wildlife park and down the Areuse

Travers :

- the old Asphalt Mine in "La Presta"
- the industrial museum in "La Presta",

museum of the Banderette  (open only Sundays); above Travers

Couvet :

gardened forest; two didactic footpaths located near the village.

Môtiers :

- t
he Poëta Raisse, a canyon cut into the rocks with lots of waterfalls
  above Môtiers.
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau and regional museums
- waterfall, cave and castle

Boveresse :

- absinthe drying facility museum. Information  :  www.ludivines.ch
the Monlesi underground glacier, situated in the middle of pastures near Les Sagnettes, above
- large open-air swimming pool in sheltered environment located between Boveresse and Couvet.

Fleurier : 

- horse-drawn rides or horse riding

  St-Sulpice :
the hydraulic ecomuseum, located near the source of the Areuse

Steam engine depot in St-Sulpice : the historical steam train circulates
  between St-Sulpice and Travers every second weekend (Saturday
  afternoons and Sundays) from May to October;
  prolongation as far as Neuchatel (railtrack overlooking the Areuse
  gorges).     Information : www.vvt.ch

Buttes :

- Télérösti : special offer with train, chair lift Buttes - La Robella and typical meal in a mountain inn of
   the Chassereon area.
- Winter and Summer toboggan at La Robella – safe, breathtaking 900 hundred-yard run for everyone !


Museums and other activities possible all year round

Travers   The old Asphalt Mine (guided visit of the galleries of into the depths of the Earth) and the industrial museum in "La Presta", between Travers and Couvet (local Dubied and Bourquin works museums)  
Couvet   Indoor pool with Wellness Center  (open all the year).  
Môtiers   Champagne and Mauler grand sparkling wines : tasting and guided tour of cellars located in the ancient Saint-Peter priory  
St-Sulpice   The Chapeau de Napoléon (Napoleon's hat), restaurant, located above Fleurier with a super view over the whole valley of Val-de-Travers  
Buttes   Winter and Summer toboggan at La Robella – safe, breathtaking 900 hundred-yard run for everyone !  

Activities in the winter :

120 km (75 miles) of cross-country skiing  and  hiking trails
enable you to discover a natural scenery which has remained unspoilt in:

- La Nouvelle Censière / Le Creux-du-Van,  south of Couvet – between 3,600 and 4,500ft.
- region of Cernets,  north of Les Verrières – between 3,600 and 4,300ft.
- La Brévine valley and Lake Taillères - between  3,500  and 3,800ft.
- border area between La Côte-aux-Fées, l’Auberson et Les Fourgs between 3,460ft and 3,830ft

There is also downhill skiing
 in the "Buttes - La Robella - Chasseron" area (1450 meters altitude)
from mid December to end of March depending on amonts of snow ;

Toboggans, snowshoes, snow trekking, sleigh rides, etc. (Buttes, La Brévine, Les Cernets-Verrières)

Indoor skating rink in Fleurier (open Octobre to Mars)  

Outdoor skating on Lake Tailleres, near La Brevine.



Other museums and activities

Ste- Croix  (25 km / 16 miles) :
- "CIMA" museum with automatons and musical boxes . The world’s cradle of musical boxes
   and automatons.

L’Auberson, near Ste-Croix  (25 km / 16 miles) :
- musée Baud – musical boxes, street organs, gramophones.

La Cluse et Mijoux (France - 25 km / 16 miles ) :
- between les Verrières and Pontarlier  
- Le Château de Joux;  Xth century stronghold and arm museum

Les Ponts-de-Martel (11 km / 7 miles) :
- cheese makers and peat bogs
La Sagne  (16 km / 10 miles)  :
- Statue trail
- local museum

Boudry (12,5 miles) :
- w
ine and vineyard museum
- tasting of local wines
- Areuse museum

Colombier  : (20 km / 12,5 miles) :
- Military museum and Stage setting museum 

Neuchâtel (22 km / 14 miles)  :
- Castle
- Dürrenmatt Centre with special exhibit devoted to literature and arts
- botanic garden
- arts and history museum
- ethnography museum
- natural history museum
- Laténium or museum of archeology including discovery trail along the shore of Lake Neuchâtel
- cruises on Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Bienne and Lake Morat
- Chaumont : beauty spot overlooking Neuchâtel. Time Trail,  panoramic funicular.  

Cernier (24 km / 15 miles) :
farming and farm handicraft theme park 

Chézard-Saint-Martin  (24 km / 15 miles) :
- organ builder            

Valangin (24 km / 15 miles) :
– Castle and museum : lacework, weapons, prints, etc.

La Chaux-de-Fonds  (25 km / 16 miles) :
- Unesco  World Heritage Site  (Watchmaking town planning)
international watchmaking museum
- natural science museum
- rural, arts and craft museum
- Bell casting foundry
- zoo and vivarium .

Le Locle (25 km / 16 miles) :
Unesco  World Heritage Site  (Watchmaking town planning)
- Underground water mills
- watch-making museum of Château des Monts
- arts museum.

Les Brenets, near Le Locle ( 30 km / 19 miles) :
cruises on Lake Brenets to the ‘Saut-du-Doubs’.

If you are interested in visiting   other areas  in Switzerland, go on  here  where you can find any further information about your holiday rentals

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